Beneficial Brews? Making The Switch To Alcohol-Free

Beer tends to find itself at the center of socialising, celebrating and commiserating. Different the occassion where it finds itself may be, the aftermath of overindulgence is the same – headaches, nausea, anxiety, the lot! It doesn’t have to be this way though. Non-alcoholic brews, like ourselves, are a great way to enjoy the taste and the social aspect of having an alcoholic beer, without having to nurse a terrible hangover the next day. What’s even better, is that there are a few benefits to enjoying them too!

Calories, calories, calories

You may have guessed it, but the term beer belly typically refers to the weight put on due to the lifestyle associated with enjoying a few brews too many. Not only does alcoholic beer have more calories than your average non-alcoholic brew, the hangover it gives encourages behaviour’s like getting a takeaway the next day and skipping the gym for an evening on the couch. The average Pale Ale pint contains 182 calories, a pint of our non-alcoholic Pale Ale however, only contains 97 calories. What may seem like a small difference initially, significantly influences the width of a waistband over time.

Bye-bye acid reflux!

Ultimately, alcohol irritates your gut. Evidence suggests that alcoholic drinks make your stomach produce more acid than what is usual. Making the move to alcohol-free beers can mean that in just a matter of 2 weeks, the production of acid in your stomach will stabilize and the lining of your stomach will normalise! So say goodbye to Gaviscon, Rennie’s and Acid Reflux.


Alcohol-drenched weekends not only lead to nursing a hangover the following day(s), they also encourage behaviours you usually wouldn’t exert – such as buying a round of drinks for people you have never met before, or ordering a takeaway fit to feed a small family (that ends up with one bite being taken from the whole feast). Over a period of time, these moments of lower inhibition build up to a great amount of money being spent on things that you can’t remember clearly, or wish you didn’t remember at all.

Overall Wellbeing!

It’s no surprise that alcohol is a depressant. Feeling the effects of alcohol the next day is colloquially known in Ireland as “the fear”, which is pretty self-explanatory. The day after drinking you wake up with a fear of the unknown – what did I say? Who was I talking to? Did I accidentally insult that person? The likes of that kind of stuff. Over a period of time though, the negative effects alcohol has on the brain take its toll. Your quality of sleep, the ability to concentrate and your energy levels are all greatly reduced (amongst other things). Remove the depressant (alcohol) from this equation, and you get the opposite effects for all the mentioned above – better sleep, ability to concentrate and overall better mood.

Moderating your intake does not mean you have to make the switch from beers to fizzy drinks or tap water. In fact, it’s as easy as making the switch from beer to beer! Enjoy the celebratory and social aspect of enjoying a beer with friends, without the downsides the next day. Join the Quiet Revolution!