The Time & Place: Alcohol-Free Occassions

Whether you’re looking to opt for a sober lifestyle or want to reduce your alcohol consumption, Quiet Noise brews are a great way to enjoy a refreshing alternative. Recent years have seen Irish people across different generations embrace the wonderful world of alcohol-free drinks.

Cravings can kick in at any time, with no rhyme or reason. The first satisfying sip of a crisp craft beer is enough to put anyone in a good mood! Who is to say that this craft beer has to have alcohol in it, though? Here are a few occasions where you can substitute alcohol for alcohol free!

Work Events 

Mixing work with alcohol is a guaranteed killer combo. As popular as it may be, it is important to maintain a certain level of professionalism when with combining the two. With each and every drink, you become increasingly inebriated and therefore, more and more likely to say or do something you typically wouldn’t in that environment or to specific people. 

Opting for an alcohol free beer in these situations can allow you to socialize with others without waking up with the fear of what you said to which co-worker the next day.

The Need for a Clear Head in the Morning

Chances are, if you have ever consumed alcohol, you have had a hangover. Some hangovers can be high-functioning, allowing you to go about your day with a slightly sore head and a bit of nausea, others not so much. However, if your next day is jam packed with travel, socializing or just in need of a clear mind, it’s probably best to skip an alcohol drenched night. Make the switch to alcohol free and in return, you’ll get a great night sleep and have a great day the next day! 

Post-Workout Celebration

Sometimes you have a gym-session that’s so good, you want a celebratory pint afterwards. We’ve all been there. Well, why not? Alcohol-free brews are a great way to cut the cravings without sacrificing the progress you made in the gym. In fact, a post-workout alcohol free brew is a great way to rehydrate after an intense session. Not only is alcohol free less calories than a regular pint, David Nieman, a professor of biology and human performance at Appalachian State University, states that alc-free beers as a post-workout beer provide water, polyphenols and carbohydrates, all of which aid metabolic recovery. 

From social gatherings to fitness routines, work events, to outdoor adventures, there is never a bad time to enjoy an alcohol-free brew. Enjoy the social aspect of drinking whilst also enjoying the fact that tomorrow won’t be consumed by the feelings of anxiety and nausea.